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Zoom Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection

Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection

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Natural silk pillowcase. 
Envelope Closure.
Pillowcase dimensions: 20 by 26 inches.
Colors: Ecru, Pale Pink, Old Gold, Lilac.

The silk pillowcase helps to keep the skin better moisturized. There is a grain of truth in saying that a silk pillowcase can act as a moisturizer. Silk fibers are much less absorbent than other materials, so they trap moisture inside the skin, and the cosmetics you put on your face stay where they should be. It is entirely different from cotton, which absorbs all the moisture. Therefore, creams or serums applied to the front quickly soak into the pillow. 

The silk pillowcase causes fewer bruises on the skin. One of the reasons silk works so well on your skin and hair is its smooth surface. You don't risk bruising or irritation by hugging your face in a silk pillow because the skin moves along the material like on a sheet of glass. You wake up with a smooth complexion without unsightly traces, which are sometimes absorbed even for several dozen minutes in the morning. Thanks to this, there is also a lower risk of forming wrinkles, e.g., crow's feet or nasolabial folds. It is an excellent reason to use silk pillowcases and blindfolds that will protect the delicate skin around them from premature aging. 

The silk pillowcase helps keep your hair shiny. At night, the hair repeatedly rubs against the pillow, so it is exposed to damage. Purchasing a silk pillowcase can solve this problem. Natural silk improves the condition of the hair by reducing breakage, split ends, and frizz. It also reduces static in the strands and allows them to maintain perfect smoothness over the next day because the hair cuticles do not open while sliding on its surface. The silk scrunchies that models similarly wear work to reduce damage to their stressed hair. 

The silk pillowcase allows the skin to breathe. One more good reason to invest in a silk pillowcase is that it gives you incredible comfort and a pleasant feeling of freshness. Unlike synthetic satin, it does not cause excessive sweating; it is breathable and soothes the skin naturally. Because silk allows the skin to breathe, it also reduces the risk of imperfections.

Silk pillowcase Pure Silk Collection




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