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Boutique Collections

Boutique, our line of home decor and fashion accessories that embody the Japanese lifestyle. Curated with the same care, respect for tradition, and attention to detail for which the JCOS brand is known, sustainability, transparency, and a dedication to remaining true to Japanese culture are at the very core of the Boutique ethos. Committed to a less-is-more philosophy and bringing the absolute best in self-care products to market, Boutique offers a limited supply of lifestyle collections, each carefully selected with care. By partnering with local wellness brands and artisans from around the globe, we proudly present Boutique.


Interior design is constantly evolving, with new trends appearing, vintage styles reemerging, and designers paying homage to cultural influences. Japanese interior design, which takes on a clean, minimalistic, unpretentious character, is gaining traction around the world. 

Because real estate prices in Japan are comparatively high in relation to home costs in the west, space is at a premium and the size of homes is limited. Unlike the spacious interiors in the US,  rooms in Japanese homes are much smaller, and must sometimes serve dual purposes, with eating, sleeping, and living spaces combined.  

To establish spaces that project clarity and zen,  clutter is kept to a minimum, and home furnishings are less substantial, adaptable, and portable. Instead of bulky mattresses and box springs, the Japanese opt for futons,  and when it comes to seating,  heavy chairs are replaced with floor cushions, known as zabutons.

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Heart Mizuhiki

This collection of heart-shaped earrings, each made with three strands of Mizuhiki. Is the perfect expression of love, encouragement, or support. A traditional Japanese art form made with twisted strips of washi paper, each Mizuhiki knot holds its own special meaning.

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Kanou Musubi Mizuhiki

As delicate as a flower, this collection symbolizes the fragility of life and the strength of true friendship and love. In the spirit of Mizuhiki, which places an emphasis on the sentiments a gift represents instead of the gift itself, this collection is a testament to Japanese art, simplicity, and tradition.

Inspired by the colors of fall, each piece is carefully curated with care and love. The knot in the middle resembles the Chinese character "" Kanou, meaning "a dream come true,”  making these pieces the perfect gift for a new mother or bride-to-be as an expression of warm wishes for true happiness, 

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The Japanese national flower and symbol of fall, Kiku, or chrysanthemum is the inspiration behind this collection of hair goods, each handmade and hand sewn in Japan from a single upcycled silk kimono. Luxurious, silky, and gentle on the hair, most pieces are finished with a Mizuhiki knot, a symbol of affection or togetherness. 

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