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Crafted with Kindness, Created with Care, Bringing Holistic J Beauty Culture – and the Moments that Matter – to Women Everywhere.

The JCOS line of purposeful and innovative lifestyle products was created to introduce J-Beauty culture to women across the globe, regardless of age, race, or ethnicity. Our products are gentle, effective, and pure, uniting beauty with sustainability without compromise.
Eco-conscious to the core, our ingredients are always responsibly sourced and never tested on animals. Designed to rejoice in the beauty of the moment, while keeping an eye on future generations, our refillable and recyclable packaging, made from organic and sustainable materials, reflect our core beliefs and deep respect for the planet.

Zen-inspired, organized life is the primary ingredient incorporated into every JCOS product line. 

JCOS was born from a desire to share the simplistic and ritualistic traditions Japanese women have practiced for centuries, combining the naturally healing properties of the earth with 21st century innovations in hair and skincare with women everywhere. Intertwining an all-inclusive “by-women-for-women” philosophy with the uniquely Japanese perspective that a life of cleanliness and simplicity, focusing on a balance of inner and outer well-being, creates a harmonious relationship between the senses and the soul. Inviting women to bring a little Zen into their typically dull, rushed, and stress-filled lives.

A brand-new concept in beauty care, encouraging women to take a little me time out of the everyday to rejuvenate, reflect, and nurture.

JCOS is much more than just another personal lifestyle brand. Incorporating the Asian philosophy of quieting the mind, taking it slow, and using time intentionally through daily rituals to cultivate health and inner peace is the JCOS vision. All products in our range are designed and carefully selected to bring balance and beauty to the lives of women of every age, race, and ethnicity.

JCOS by Sentique International

US-based, Sentique International, proudly presents sister company JCOS, (Japanese Cosmetics) a holistic, purposeful, and innovative lifestyle brand, created to introduce ritual-based Japanese beauty culture to the women of North America. Wishing you peace – wherever you are.

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