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Seasonal Skin Care Dos and Don'ts

Seasonal Skin Care Dos and Don'ts


It is the quality and chemistry of the active ingredients of products that help produce a glowing, healthy skin, not the quantity of products you use. Practicing a healthy skincare routine starting at an early age is the key to lifelong good skin. Waiting until there are lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, dark spots, and baggy eyes is much harder to repair than a skin that has been kept in good condition. A simple consistent routine adapting to aging and to the seasons becomes a routine for life. 


Skin has its repair time in the late night when the body is quiet, and the skin isn’t fighting sun, wind, allergies and temperature changes. The skin, our largest organ, gets a break from its daytime job and is able to repair. Give your skin good nighttime care consistently and reap the rewards of youthful, glowing skin.

 Drinking water has benefits for your skin and body.

Weather Effects on Skin

As Spring and Summer approach, being outside increases sun exposure, heat, allergies, dirt and sweat. Whatever skin type you have will benefit from a protective yet well planned care regimen. Autumn approaches with a chill and often a drop in humidity. Heating systems come on with Winter drying our skins out.


All skins require extra hydration during this time of the year. Looking for products with hyaluronic acids, ceramides and glycerins, like this one, will help lock much needed moisture into the skin. A creamier moisturizer will aid the skin too. Except for the oily skinned person. salicylic acids should be avoided this time of year.


Consider your water year-round! The Ph (acid/ alkaline scale of your water) is usually 7 on the alkaline side. Ideally skin likes a Ph of 5.5. (A little bit acidic). Installing a water softener in your home can calm the skin or installing a filter on your shower head can aid in reducing drying minerals. A humidifier in the bedroom during the winter months can help as well by upping the moisture level the heating system is depleting.


Medical Esthetics


The following list of treatments can be done throughout the year with caution regarding Sun exposure:


         Acid peels


         LED Light therapy

         Micro current

         Micro blading

         Swich by Circadia  

         Hydro facials

         Botox and fillers


Medical esthetics timing should be discussed with your medical provider. Sun exposure is not recommended for these and many other current treatments so Summer may not be a favorable time for IPL lasers, for hyperpigmentation Fraxel  Laser,  Ultherapy, Blue Light, permanent makeup and others.


Skin types:







Products to keep on hand:

Makeup remover



Serum and Spot treatments

Eye gel

Day moisturizers 

Day sunscreen SPF37

Night creams



Daily Care


Cleansers - Gentle oil-based cleansers, like JCos’ White Ichigo Organic Tech Cleanser will remove makeup and oil from the pores and prevent drying out of the skin caused by sun exposure. If you are not comfortable with oil-based products there are gentle cleansers with glycerin, herbal, fruit and berry, plant bases that leave the skin nourished and fresh. 

Evening is the most important time to cleanse, remove makeup to prevent clogging of pores and dead skin build up. 

For oily skin, non-comedogenic makeup remover should be used. Cleansers, foamy or neutral, and salicylic acid (2-3 times a week) to balance oil and purify the pores. In winter salicylic use may need to be reduced as it can be very drying.


Toners - Herbal water-based toners with hyaluronic acids will build the skin's moisture level to keep it hydrated and glowing. 


Serums - Hyaluronic acid toners, peptides like Matrixal 300 argeriline, Senth 6 and many more. Vitamin A and C, essential oils, seaweeds are treatments that can be used prior to moisturizers to correct and support cell function.

Oily skins often use acids or benzoyl peroxide, herbal and essential oils at night to correct problems of excess oil production.


Eye gels - Provide moisture to tender skin around the eyes. Products containing hyaluronic acids and peptides help build the Proteins and remove darkness and strengthen tender under eye tissue. Oils specially formulated for eyes work well, be sure to use them lightly and tissue off extra to avoid puffiness. Retinols are said to help with creepiness.


Moisturizers - In summer, moisturizers should be lightweight in the day and can be heavier at night depending on personal preference and skin type. In Winter, creamy heavy creams can be comfortable.


Sunscreens - Research suggests a sunscreen with a SPF of 37 is the max we have to use. safe sunscreen list is updated regularly and a good place to look for safe products. Sunscreens should be used anytime you have outside sun exposure.


Night masks - Add repair and nourishment to the skin. They are often hyaluronic, and peptide based to plump and repair the tissue while you sleep. Retinol, and acid base night masks help to reduce crepiness in older skins.


Exfoliants - Should be used regularly, at least twice a week. Exfoliants can be enzymatic from fruit, berry, vegetable, yogurt, olive sources and homemade or store bought. These are thorough without the harshness of scrubs or the sting of acids.

Other exfoliants can be rough like salt or sugar scrubs, ground nuts and rice, microdermabrasion cleansers or acidic Glycolic pads made up of other acids.

In the winter reduce use of exfoliants if the skin feels dry or chaffed.


Masks - Masks can be used by all skin types depending on the outcome you wish. Gel masks nourish the skin. Clay masks draw out impurities, the strength determined by the type of skin.

In closing, skincare does not have to be difficult, however there are endless products to choose from so it can be confusing to know what is best for your precious skin. A licensed Esthetician, Medical Spa or dermatologist are good places to have your skin evaluated. Good skincare begins early in life for the best outcome. Aging gracefully is a mindset that helps as we spin around the sun every day, here’s a wish that your skin thrives!

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