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Eastern Spirit Lifting: Japanese Decor Transforming  a House to a Home

Eastern Spirit Lifting: Japanese Decor Transforming a House to a Home

There is something infinitely assuring in the patterns of nature. Never rushing to conclusions, nature revels in the beauty of the journey. Reminding us that some things are predictable, remaining constant over time, nature teaches us to be open to the unknown and remain optimistic about the future.  Just as with a stormy night, a brighter day may follow.

mieszkanie w stylu japońskim Tokyo


Charlie lived in a 2.5 million home in the suburbs of Atlanta. It was decorated with the finest furnishings, surrounded by the lushest gardens, and filled with the most expensive possessions. From the outside,  one might think the person who lives in that house really has it all.

But Charlie didn’t feel that way. She had all of the best things money could buy, but no matter how much money she spent and how many things she bought, it just felt like stuff.

Yes, Charlie owned the house, and the contents inside the house were hers as well, but the one thing she could not obtain—no matter how hard she tried—was the feeling that the house was her home. 

It’s been said that a house is not a home, but the truth is, a house becomes a home when its interior reminds you of what’s familiar and comfortable. A reliable constant, a home has the ability to offer a sense of security and belonging… making you feel at peace and— well, at home. 

To some, a home might be the sound of children laughing or music playing. To others, it might be the warmth of a cozy blanket and mom’s home cooking. Still to others, a home might just be a place to escape from the stresses of the outside world. Home is not tangible; rather, it’s a feeling. And no matter how much we spend filling the space, the feeling of “home” can’t be bought. It’s an intimate relationship we have with our personal space. It’s a place that exists in our minds, while still being protected behind a locked door.

A home reflects who we are, where we’ve been, and how we choose to live our lives.

Creating a tranquil home is more than a pretty facade filled with candles and incense. It goes beyond a design aesthetic and objects within a space; it starts with getting in touch with your emotions and recognizing what truly brings you joy. Knowing what colors make you happy, what scents evoke serenity, and what music makes you feel warm inside requires finding a connection to know the person living inside that space –and that person is you.

Building memories, relationships, and emotional connections to a house takes time, and while it’s impossible to manufacture the events and moments that create the feeling of home,  a house can be the canvas on which you paint the story of you.

Surrounding yourself with objects that spark a feeling of serenity, tranquility, and calm is a great way to begin turning your house into a home.


japoński wystój wnętrza


Pillows, throws, and cushions crafted with soft fabrics like Japanese cotton and silk, woven with natural elements, and designed with peaceful patterns and a soothing palette are accents that can turn a house into a home.

Unlike western interiors,  Japanese homes are sparsely furnished, keeping with traditions and reflective of the purposeful and minimalistic Asian culture. Furnishings in Japanese homes are more adaptable and introspective, combining form with function. Chairs, often replaced with comfortable floor cushions, known as zabuton,  can be easily moved, stacked,  and repurposed. 

Textiles are one of the greatest treasures and distinctive features of Japanese artisanal creations. Traditional folk fabrics like dyed indigo with a subtle off-white print speak to the quintessentially dynamic spontaneity that is steeped in Asian culture. According to legend, these prints originated from ancient lore. The story of spirits that enticed an angry sun goddess who plunged the world into darkness by waving blue and white fabric banners around the cave in which she hid, is one of many ancient tales from which the use of these bold patterns emerged.

Zabutons are crafted from indigo and white print fabrics made from Azumino cotton, finished with ornate tassels bring the spirit of ancient Japanese culture into the home, transforming seemingly empty spaces into comforting home decor. They lift the very spirit of those who inhabit the room just as the ancient spirits brought light back into a world of darkness.

The story of your home might not be as dramatic as those of the ancient goddesses, but color and fabric can have similarly transforming effects on your home’s spirit.



Sleeping Beautifully

Personal accessories made for bedtime rituals and morning routines can have a positive impact on our physical well-being.

Sleeping pillows, as an example, made from pure Japanese silk, created in soothing delicate colors are not only visually uplifting, they provide comfort and restorative beauty sleep.

Resting your head on a pure silk pillow at day’s end is not only healthy for the skin and hair, but adding a silk pillow as a final step in your evening ritual creates a purposeful sense of completeness. A soft silky eye patch that keeps the light from disturbing your sleep, allows you to slip into a transformative night’s rest,  adding a healing brightness to your spirit.



As you close your eyes each night, drifting off to dreamland, knowing you’ve incorporated an all-encompassing self-care routine into your busy day brings light and optimism to your soul.

Accent pillows, too, can also be transformative in the home.  As we’re all spending more time in our homes these days, we tend to use our sofa pillows for quick afternoon naps. Instead of limiting the silky softness to the bedroom, pillows made with natural materials extend the spirit of softness to any room in the house.

Born from a desire to share simplistic, optimistic,  and ritualistic Japanese traditions, JCOS has introduced a line of innovative and purposeful home accessories that bring a sense of harmony and balance to the home.

Enhancing living spaces by incorporating the subtle colors, soft fabrics, and natural textures woven into the spirit of Japanese culture, JCOS brings eastern beauty and serenity to the western world.



sleeping girl


Eco-conscious to the core, our home accessories are always responsibly sourced from artisans around the globe. Designed to revel in the beauty of the journey, while remaining true to where we’ve come from, our products, like nature itself, remain constant over time and optimistic about what lays ahead. 



japanese interiore design

Your home can either nurture and support, providing a haven from the hectic pace of the outside world or it can be a place that depletes your energy and leaves you exhausted.  In this frantic, fast-paced, constantly changing world, it is more important than ever to create a tranquil and peaceful space that feels familiar, calms your mind, lifts your spirit, and allows you to recharge.

Our natural, purposeful, and transformative pillows and decorative home accents add beauty to any space, transforming a house into a home. 


For more information about how to use zabutons in your home decor to elevate your home's style? Check out our blog post, Zabuton Japanese Floor Cushions:  Adding a Touch of Zen, Minimalistic Style, and Functionality to Any Room


About the author
Eileen Honey Strauss is an American  journalist and freelance lifestyle copywriter, specializing in the beauty, fashion, food, and design industries. 

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