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Zoom Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection
Zoom Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection

Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection

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Set of four skinny, natural silkscrunchies.

In four pastel colors: Ecru, Pale Pink, Old Gold, and Lilac.

Natural silk is a perfect material for hair accessories.
Silk scrunchies will not be pilling or
deteriorating. It can be safely said that it has been a successful investment for a long time. It is also interesting that silk, thanks to its high protein content, even nourishes the hair. Silk scrunchies are very light, so they do not weigh the hair down and, at the same time, do not break it or tangle itexcellent news for owners of delicate hair and those who tend to frizz and get out of control. Scrunchie also does not have any additional elements, such as metal connectors. Thanks to this, they are comfortable and healthy, and you can even sleep in them. At the same time, the scrunchies are not slippery so that the hair strands do not fall out. The hairstyle will last all day. 


How to care for silk clothes? 

The delicate fabric of silk requires careful handling so that we can enjoy the smoothness and color of silk clothes for longer. Exposing fabrics to sunlight for too long can cause discoloration and faster aging of the fabric. To ensure the characteristic gloss and durability of the material, please use chemical cleaning, which should be selected appropriately for the type of material. When washing it yourself, remember not to spin the fabric, which could damage it. It is best to wash by hand at a temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius, with the addition of mild detergents. Usually, it is not necessary to iron silk items due to their great flexibility. However, you can smooth the fabric with steam or low-heat iron.

*except for the elastic band and the tag.

Scrounchie Set Pure Silk Collection




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Are your products safe for color-treated hair?

Crafted with sulfate-free surfactants, our shampoos, conditioners, primers, masks, and oils are safe for color treated hair.

How can I be sure your products are safe?

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What makes Japanese hair products different from Korean hair products?

Korean products focus on answering immediate hair concerns and offer wow effects, whereas the Japanese philosophy is based on prevention and sustained results. Korean beauty follows the hottest trends of the moment, while Japanese beauty has its roots in long-lasting and proven rituals and traditions. Korean beauty embraces a faster pace, while Japanese beauty focuses on a slower-paced way of life, believing that breathing, contemplating, and mindfulness should be embraced.




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